Vizsla Dogs

Additional Info

Passion for Animals

Any questions, please phone or email. I have tried to answer common questions below:

What happens next?

Phone me to discuss your requirements and my availability. I will arrange to come and meet you and your pets.

For home visits you can explain your animals routines and requirements.

For dog walking I would like to join you on a short walk to familiarise me with your dog/dogs.

For all pet bookings we will need to fill in forms with contact details, vets details, any health requirements, details of dogs innoculations and worming if being walked.

Can dogs be walked off lead?

Providing your dog has good recall I am happy to walk off lead, however I will need to get to know your dog, and more importantly, your dog will need to get to know me too before this happens. I will also need to obtain written consent from you.

Can you book in advance?

Yes, I am happy to take future bookings as well as taking regular bookings. I will try to accomodate any regular customers even when busy.

How do you pay?

I am happy to accept cash or bank transfers. I ask to be paid in advance and will always provide a receipt.

Which animals do you have experience with?

I have owned a variety of pets including: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinnea Pigs, Chickens, Tortoises, Mice, Hamsters, Gerbils, Tropical Fish, Tree Frogs, a Chinchilla and a Corn Snake.

I currently own 2 Chihuahua cross Maltese, a Great Dane and two tortoises. I have always loved animals and am keen to learn about any different pets you may have.

07553 277111